So the summer heat is already starting to settle in and everyone is being forced inside. It’s too hot to go to the parks, amusements parks, and anywhere else you would go for the weekend. Then what is one to do on a weekend inside or for just generic entertainment on a slow day? If a movie session or binge-watching a whole season of that TV show you never got to sounds good then I have the perfect service for you that’s completely free. This service is called Movie Box.

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The official description, as given by it’s website states it is “a free movies and TV shows streaming app” which means it requires an active Internet connection or enough to download the movie or episode you want to watch. Movie Box is basically an application for iOS and Android phones to watch any movie or TV show. Recently, the application has been extended to various other devices like the Kindle Fire or PC and Mac to attend to the demands of more people. Sounds extremely similar to a certain other service, called Netflix which requires a monthly or yearly subscription fee, except for the fact that this is free.

Movie Box offers captions for its shows and movies as well as a quality selector to adjust the videos to meet your Internet speeds. The app also supports Google’s Chromecast to transfer the video playing on your phone, be it Apple or Android, to a larger screen like a TV. You can also download a movie or show’s episode depending on the amount of space available on your phone for offline watching later on. Music downloads has also been recently announced. You can also change the player that will be used to play movies and change the server hosts of the video in the event that the one you are using fails to load the video properly. This is purely a problem with the third-party server and has nothing to do with the actual app itself.

To install it takes a download from a third party host, as it is not available from the App Store or Google’s Play Store. Although it may make you feel uneasy, it is completely safe to use and will not damage your device in any way. The download is done with an APK format installation. The app must be side-loaded into the device for it to work which basically means getting the files from the website first then putting those into app form onto your device. A full tutorial is provided on their website as well as a FAQ section to help if you might encounter any problem. If for any reason the app isn’t working, the website is kind enough to offer you some alternatives to try out.

That’s basically all you need to know to solve all your generic entertainment predicaments. As far as I can see, this is the best option as it’s free to use and has, essentially, an unlimited source of entertainment for you and your friends

We are living in a world which is highly dominated by social media. Now, it is very hard to imagine ourselves not checking our facebook or twitter accounts every hour. Even the thought of staying away from these platforms makes us anxious.

We always share the amazing Sunday we had for lunch on facebook or share our personal opinions about the political happenings on twitter. It has become a natural process as breathing.

Maybe it is our dependency on such platforms which leads to a fierce competition between different social media platforms. There are a lot of features available on social media. We have combined a list of features that are missing from these platforms.

  • Incognito mode

We love several media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. but we would love them even more if they allow us to browse in incognito mode without having an eye on our personal data. If Google chrome can have that kind of option, so these can also have. This incognito mode also means that we remain invisible on chat and the site does not remember what we searched for.

  • Remove seen messages

The ‘seen’ appears on facebook after you read the message is as irrelevant as the blue ticks on whatsapp. However, this feature may be liked by some, but many of us do not want others to know that we have read their annoying messages.

  • Filter posts

There are certain topics in which we are not interested, and seeing posts about them on our timeline can be a matter of frustration. It can be related to sports, fashion etc. everyone has a list of things they are not interested in.

So, what social media can do is to provide us a filter on our timeline which helps us in avoiding the topics in which we are not interested. Same can be done with the promotional posts. We want promotional posts according to our taste, not what social media wants to show us. It will surely saves our time and efforts.

  • Turn off comments and tweets

So, we decide to post something on facebook and suddenly starts a debate between two people with different opinions trying to prove their point. What’s next? 100’s of comments and endless notifications. We have all regretted posting something like this which leads to a chaos.

We would love these social sites more if they gave us an option of stopping these notifications.. It would be great if we have an option of disable comments. Youtube also has this kind of feature, so “Is the ShowBox APK now available?”, you ask, and the answer is yes: ShowBox Download